Stop Guessing If That Sales Letter Converts!
Instead: Make Tiny Sales Copy Tweaks to Double or Triple Your Conversions... In Days or Even Hours!

If you're anything like me, you want to get your sales letter or blog online fast and let it run on autopilot.

So who has TIME to worry about what font size, headline size, or even what headline to write in the first place?

It's TOO EASY to get sucked into superstitious marketing. Whispers that say:

  • "You need to have video on your sales letter..."
  • "Your headline must be surrounded in quotes..."
  • "Your order button must say 'Add to Cart'"

How do you know who's right and who's advice to follow? That guy on the forum? That guy whose $2000 course you paid for? That copywriter you paid a bunch of money to?


Secret Revealed: It Doesn't Matter What You Think, or What Your Customers Think, All That Matters is How Much Money You Make!

Split Testing Removes All Guesswork & Doubts
From Your Sales Letters...

The only way to know if anything converts is to test. That's where Split Genie comes in.

Split Genie allows you to add a simple tag to your existing HTML and PHP pages so that you show one version of your web page to half your visitors, and a SLIGHTLY different version to the other half.

This is a simple A-B split testing script that allows you to set it and forget it.

Change one headline, or test video versus no video, let your sales letter run for 40 sales or your squeeze page for 40 opt-ins, and Split Genie will log the numbers and percentages to an easy to read text file.

If one headline brings in a 0.5% conversion rate, and another nets a 2.5% conversion rate, which one do you think you'll keep?


  • With Split Genie, you'll never again have to trust any copywriter, hoping that their new headline or new paragraph will convert.
  • With Split Genie, you'll know exactly what body font and body colors to use.
  • With Split Genie, you'll know if long copy or short copy works best on your web site.

If you want to use a script that allows you to test 50 variables at once, requires a complicated database and a computer programmer's degree just to install, then by all means pay $500 or $2000 for a fancy multivariate split testing script.

But if you want to start split testing in the next few minutes, upload TWO simple files and NO databases, then do the right thing and get a copy of Split Genie right now.

How This "Split Testing" Thing Increases Conversions and Makes You More Money...

  • Run two versions of your site (versions A & B)
  • Visitors "vote with their wallets" they buy more of version A or version B
  • Which version converts better = which version to keep!

What Makes "Split Genie" Different

This is a super-simple split testing script. There's no mySQL database or crontabs to install, just upload one file. Add PHP tags to your pitch page and thank you page.

Then add [split=A]First headline[/split] and [split=B]second headline[/split] to setup split tests, and [sale] to your thank you page to mark it as a sale.

You view the results of the conversion rate and your individual split tests in a single text file. Simple!

Okay Robert, What Do I Get?

  • Split Genie PHP script to split test your sales and opt-in pages.
  • 354-node mindmap explaining WHAT to split test
  • 20-minute PowerPoint video walking you through the basics of split testing
  • 27-minute talking head video explaining the most common split testing mistakes... and how YOU can avoid them!

My Personal Guarantee

The guarantee you get when you say "yes" to this offer is very simple. If you can't get more subscribers, sales OR blog comments in the first 60 days, I'll refund you. Heck, if you want to simply return "Split Genie" for a full refund, for ANY reason, I will give you your money back, no questions asked.

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